fuel是什么意思_fuel surcharge是什么意思

fuel surcharge是什么意思

  • fuel surcharge是什么意思
  • fuel surcharge 英[fjul s:tɑ:d] 美[fjul s:tɑrd] n. 燃油附加费; (飞机) 燃料附加费; [网络] 燃油附加费; 燃油税; 燃油费; [例句]Air fare发锭篡瓜诂盖磋睡单精 included, the fuel surcharge and insurance requirements.机票包含票价、燃油附加费和规定保险。

to live each day,refueling是什么意思

  • to live each day,refueling是什么意思
  • 你好!to live each day,refueling生活每一天,加油

fuel tank cap 是什么意思

  • fuel tank cap 是什么意思
  • fuel tank cap词典油箱盖 双语例句 1Switch, Fuel tank cap, Filter, Steering wheel, Seat belts, Shock absorbers. 主营产品电门开关、油箱盖、汽车三滤清器,方向盘,安全带,减震器。 2From the upper oil tank cap and fuel tank cap gasket, the oil pressu肌粻冠救攉嚼圭楔氦盲re in the tank tightly inside. 油泵的上部由油箱盖和油箱盖垫片,将油泵紧紧地压在油箱内。

Fuel consumption improves approximately 1.18% for low cost什么意思?

  • 是燃油消耗提高了1.18%还是什么??
  • 燃油消耗率提升1.18%,降低了成本。

请问这段英语中there is only so much gas from gargabe that will sell 是什么意思?

  • Ethanol production from cellulose has yet to meet expectations. However, this year could be the turning point. But Madhu Khanna says our cars may limit how much the industry can grow."Even if we can begin to produce this cost-effectively, we need to be able to consume it as well."Only a few models of automobiles can operate on high-ethanol fuel. Without more of them, there is only so much gas from garbage that will sell.
  • 如果不使用更多的乙醇燃料,那么将会产生更多的废气

fight pollution是什么意思

  • fight pollution是什么意思
  • fight pollution的中文翻译  fight p甫紶颠咳郯纠奠穴订膜ollution  与污染作斗争  双语例句  1  The new tax is meant to reduce fuel consumption and fight pollution.  这一新的税收的目的是降低油耗和减缓污染。  2  The city has taken giant steps to fight pollution caused by industrialization and economic growth.  为改善工业化和经济增长带来的污染,北京采取了许多措施。

mark zuckerberg是什么意思

  • mark zuckerberg是什么意思
  • mark zuckerberg网络马克?扎克伯格; 扎克伯格; 马克扎克伯格双语例句 1Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was pictured touring Chinese internet companies in December last year fuelling spec碃海百剿知济版汐保搂ulation a deal was being negotiated.脸谱网创始人扎克伯格在去年十二月对中国互联网公司进行了巡回演出,这使人们对谈判达成了协议。


  • consumption是什么意思
  • consumption 英[knsmpn] 美[knsmpn] n. 袱沪递疚郛狡店挟锭锚 消费; 肺病; 耗尽; [医学] 消耗性疾病; [例句]The laws have led to a reduction in fuel consumption in the US.这些法律已经使美国燃料消费量有所减少。[其他] 复数:consumptions 形近词: assumption resumption subsumption


  • 80%乳胶20%助剂是什么意思
  • it was also fuelled by social media辅珐滇貉鄄股殿瘫东凯, bogus sightings an


  • 为理想加油,的翻译是:什么意思
  • 翻译成英文是Refuel for ideals下图是翻译截图
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