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4 Savusavu & Taveuni in 1 Week
Venturing to Savusavu and Taveuni islands in northern Fiji means paying for additional
airfares, but this is my favorite part of the country. Children will love it up here, too,
particularly at Savusavu’s Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort (p. 222), the best
Fiji has to offer for children. Both Savusavu and Taveuni have other fine resorts and
hotels, but tourism is minor in “The North,” which is much more reminiscent of the
Old South Seas than is Viti Levu. The country’s best diving and snorkeling is up here,
but this also is a fine place to explore the great outdoors ashore. Note: Remember when
planning that Air Fiji flies between Savusavu and Taveuni, but Pacific Sun does not.
Day 1: Exploring Savusavu

Take a morning flight from Nadi to
Savusavu’s little airstrip, on the southern
side of Vanua Levu. Check in or leave your
bags at your hotel and spend the rest of the
morning and early afternoon seeing the
scenery, examining the hot springs, and
shopping for the orb of your dreams at J.
Hunter Pearls (p. 221) in Savusavu town.
Day 2: Waisali Rainforest Reserve

(p. 219), a national forest with a waterfall
up in Vanua Levu’s central mountains.
Day 3: Boat Tour of Savusavu Bay

The bay at Savusavu is so large the U.S.
navy made plans to hide the Pacific fleet
there in case of a hurricane. Spend Day 3
exploring it on a boat tour organized by
Rock ’n Downunder Divers (p. 219).
Day 4: Straddling the 180° Meridian

While most Fiji activities are at or near Catch the morning Air Fiji flight to Matei,
the seaside, spend this day in the jungly on the northern end of Taveuni. After
interior at Waisali Rainforest Reserve settling into your hotel, hire a taxi and ride

through Somosomo and Waiyevo villages
to Wairiki, where the 180th meridian
passes through Fiji (p. 233). Although the
international date line technically detours
from the 180° longitude line to bypass Fiji,
you can stand under a sign at the meridian, one foot in today, the other in “yesterday.” On the way back, stop for a swim at
Prince Charles Beach, which holds a
place among Fiji’s best (p. 236).
Day 5: Bouma National
Heritage Park

Spend most of today in Bouma National
Heritage Park (p. 233), Fiji’s best
national park. You will not need a guide
for the short walk up to Bouma Falls, but
you will on the longer Vidawa Rainforest
Walk, which has great views of the islands




Waisali Rainforest Reserve


Boat Tour of Savusavu


Straddling the 180O Meridien


O A L A Park
Bouma NationalMHeritage


Lavena Coastal Walk


Waitavaia Sliding Rocks



off northern Taveuni. Retire for a sunset
drink at Tramontu Bar & Grill, on a
clifftop high above the Somosomo Strait
(p. 242).
Day 6: Lavena Coastal Walk

Plan on more hiking today, this time
along the beautiful Lavena Coastal Walk
on Taveuni’s wild east coast. Be prepared
to swim the last few yards to reach Wainibau Falls. If this is a Friday night, graze
the buffet of Fijian foods at Vunibokoi
Restaurant (p. 242).
Day 7: Waitavaia Sliding Rocks

You’ll need to catch the afternoon flight
back to Nadi, but can spend the morning
cascading down the Waitavaia Sliding
Rocks (p. 236) near Waiyevo village.




11:38 AM

Page 92


5 Fiji with a Family
Although it’s not in the same league as Florida or other places with attractions like
Disney World, Fiji is a fine place for families with children. My cousin Virginia Silverman and her then 9-year-old daughter, Eve, joined me for 10 days in Savusavu and
Taveuni during my most recent trip, and Eve had a blast while learning a lot in the
process (read their reports in chapter 13). Many Australian and New Zealand families
take their annual holidays in Fiji, usually at one resort equipped with a children’s program (see “The Best Family Resorts,” in chapter 1). Or you can take your youngsters
on the following 2-week educational tour around Fiji.
Day 1: Recovering in Nadi

Spend your first day in Nadi recovering
from your flight and getting acclimated
to the heat and humidity. Kids will love
frolicking in the pools at the Radisson
Resort Fiji Denarau Island (p. 114) or
the less expensive Raffle’s Gateway
Hotel opposite the airport (p. 118).
Days 2–3: Coral Coast:
Culture & Wildlife

On Day 2 move to the Coral Coast, stopping on the way at the Kalevu South
Pacific Cultural Centre (p. 153) for a
demonstration of traditional Fijian ways.
Across the Queen’s Road, Shangri-La’s
Fijian Resort (p. 155) is well equipped
for families, but we prefer the more convenient Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji
(p. 156), which has another fine swimming pool complex. On Day 3 go across
the road to Kula Eco Park (p. 154),
where the kids can touch tame iguanas
and admire Fiji birds and other wildlife.
It’s a bit of a hike, but you can take them
to a Fijian village and either a cave or
waterfall with Adventures in Paradise Fiji
(p. 154). At night they will be mesmerized
by a Fijian meke dance, especially if a firewalking demonstration is part of it.
Days 4–5: Pacific Harbour: River
Rafting & Jungle Canopy Rides

Moving on to Pacific Harbour, take the
kids to the Arts Village Cultural Centre
(p. 165), where they can ride a boat while
learning about Fijian culture. That afternoon they can glide through a rainforest

canopy with ZIP Fiji (p. 166). You’ll
need all of Day 5 to take them on a bilibili rafting trip on the Navua River with
Discover Fiji Tours (p. 166). (Note: Kids
must be 5 or over to go river rafting or
canopy riding.) With a fine pool and
beach, the Pearl South Pacific (p. 167) is
aimed primarily at couples, but is also a
lodging option for families.
Day 6: Suva: The Fiji Museum

Most children I know aren’t particularly
excited to tour new cities, but Fiji’s capital does have the excellent Fiji Museum
(p. 182), where kids can gape at actual
war clubs the ancients used in real-life
Days 7–9: Taveuni: Waterfalls &
Rock Slides

Take the morning flight from Nausori
airport to Taveuni, where several outdoor
adventures await. Spend the first afternoon cascading down the Waitavaia
Sliding Rocks (p. 236), where your kids
may pick up a few slight bruises but will
have a grand time. On the morning of
Day 8 take them to Bouma National
Heritage Park (p. 233), where a short
walk leads to a swimming hole beneath
Bouma Falls. Fijian children love it here,
so yours could make some local friends.
The park also has the guided Vidawa
Rainforest Walk, which leads to historic
hill fortifications and great views. On
Day 9, take them on a horseback riding
excursion at Maravu Plantation Beach

Resort (p. 222), whose Bula Club is the
finest children’s program in the South those for North America and Europe
Pacific islands. It’s both educational and leave just before midnight. Accordingly,
fun for the youngsters, who are almost fly back to Nadi today and spend your
guaranteed to become friends with their spare time lounging at a resort pool (see
assigned Fijian “buddy.” Off campus, “Day 1,” above).

6 Cruising in Fiji
Large cruise ships frequently visit Suva and Lautoka, usually from Sydney, Australia,
but the country has three fine small-vessel operations based here all the time. Captain
Cook Cruises sails in the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, while my favorite, the excellent Blue Lagoon Cruises, primarily plies the Yasawas. See “Cruising Through the
Islands,” in chapter 6. Based at Savusavu, Active Fiji (p. 220) sends the luxurious

schooner Tui Tai on soft-adventure cruises through the seldom-explored islands of
northern Fiji. This 2-week itinerary allows you to make cruises on both sides of the
country, but I based it on their usual operations. Needless to say, check their sailing
schedules to see when they’re going during the time you want to be here.
Day 1: Savusavu

Days 9–0: Relaxing in

Arrive at Nadi and take a flight to Active the Mamanuca Islands
Fiji’s homeport in Savusavu (p. 220). Kill After the Tui Tai cruise, fly back to Nadi
and catch a ferry from Denarau Island to
the morning shopping for black pearls.
a resort in the Mamanuca Islands (see
Days 2–8: Adventure Cruise
chapter 6), where you can relax for 2 days
on the Tui Tai
prior to being picked up by Blue Lagoon
The typical 1-week cruise on the 42m Cruises. I normally would suggest finish(140-ft.) schooner Tui Tai will take you ing your visit in an overwater bungalow
to Taveuni for a visit to Bouma Falls at Likuliku Lagoon Resort (p. 136), but
(p. 220), and then to the seldom visited Blue Lagoon Cruises will pick you up
islands of Kioa and Rabi. The boat carries there at the start but not at the end of
dive equipment, snorkeling gear, and kay- your voyage; plan for your own transaks for exploring the reefs and shoreline. portation if you stay at the resort.

Blue Lagoon’s 3-night Gold Club Cruise
will take you through the gorgeous
Yasawa Islands, stopping during the day
for snorkeling, beach picnics, and visits
to Fijian villages. This is the best way to
see several of the islands in a minimum
amount of time.


Day $: Departing from Nadi

Blue Lagoon Cruises will drop you at
Lautoka in time to catch a flight back to
Australia or New Zealand. The rest of us
can kill the wait for our night flight by
shopping in Nadi Town (p. 100) or
lounging by the pool at Raffle’s Gateway
Hotel opposite the airport (p. 118).

7 Diving in Fiji
One could spend months in Fiji diving all its marvelous sites, and you will still miss
a few. Not being a diver myself, I cannot speak from personal experience, but I’ve
talked to hundreds of divers—and traveled with two of them—so I have a reasonably
good idea of where you will find the best waters. This 2-week itinerary starts out with
an exhilarating shark dive off Pacific Harbour and ends at the famous White Wall in
the Somosomo Strait off Taveuni. Note: I built in the 12 hours or more you will need
between diving and flying.
Day 1: Nadi to Pacific Harbour

After arriving at Nadi, drive 21?2 hours
around the Coral Coast to Pacific Harbour. Kill the afternoon visiting the Arts
Village Cultural Centre (p. 165) or flying through the jungle canopy with ZIP
Fiji (p. 166).
Days 2–3: Shark Diving &
the Beqa Lagoon

Day 2 will test your mettle right away
during a shark dive off Pacific Harbour
with Beqa Adventure Divers (p. 167),
whose masters will draw the attention of
tiger, bull, and other sharks by feeding
them, while you watch from behind a
coral wall. Day 3 is spent out in the Beqa
Lagoon, perhaps seeing the colorful walls
of Frigate Passage. See chapter 8.
Days 4–7: The Great
Astrolabe Reef

Day 4 is devoted to driving from Pacific
Harbour to Suva’s Nausori Airport, flying
to Vunisea on Kadavu Island, and taking
a boat to your new dive base from which
to explore the Great Astrolabe Reef,
skirting Kadavu’s eastern and southern

coasts. The rustic, eco-friendly Matava—
The Astrolabe Hideaway (p. 176) is the
closest resort to the so-called Manta Pass,
which draws Fiji’s largest congregation of
manta rays. That will take Day 5, while
days 6 and 7 can be spent diving the colorful passage between Kadavu and nearby
Ono Island. See chapter 9.
Days 8–#: The Somosomo

Assuming Air Fiji is punctual on Day 8,
fly back to Nausori Airport at midday
and connect from there to Taveuni. I have
more fun staying near the airstrip at
Matei, but the modest Garden Island
Resort (p. 239) is nearest the Great
White Wall and Rainbow Reef, which
are on the reefs out in the Somosomo
Strait. Spend the next few days here
exploring Fiji’s best collection of colorful
soft corals. See chapter 14.
Day $: Back to Nadi & Home

Your last day will be spent flying back to
Nadi and connecting to your flight back
& Spa (p. 238).







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